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        Process Technologies


        Value and Performance Driven 28nm Technology

        Our 28nm process technology uses new stress techniques (SMT, t-CESL, c-CESL) and embedded SiGe to enhance electron mobility performance, and is ideal for applications that require high performance and low power consumption. We are currently in volume production for multiple customer products on both UMC's 28HLP SiON and 28HPM/HPC High-K-Metal Gate processes. UMC is aggressively adding 28nm capacity to meet the high customer demand for this popular process technology.

        28HLP - with enhanced SiON

        UMC's 28nm High Performance Low Power (28HLP) process provides a natural migration from 40nm with easy adoption, fast-time-to-market, and a very favorable performance / cost ratio. UMC’s SiON solution delivers vastly improved performance and power consumption for customers demanding more speed for their particular application, with a 10% speed increase over other 28nm SiON industry offerings.

        28HPM/HPC - with High-k/metal gate stack

        UMC's 28nm High-k/metal gate stack (28HPM/HPC) supports broad device options for increased flexibility and performance requirements, targeting a wide range of products such as application processor, cellular baseband, WLAN, Tablet, FPGA and Networking ICs. The High-k-/metal gate stack and abundant options for device voltages, memory bit-cells and under drive/overdrive capabilities help SoC designers realize unmatched performance and battery life.


        Our rich 28nm technology platform and dual process approach satisfies the rigorous requirements of all major market applications.

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